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Herbal Recipes~Salves and Balms

Here is my list of Herbal Salves, I make these to put into my Gift Baskets which I sell
Natural Herbal Salves are so healing and good for you, of course be careful incase you are allergic to any of the ingredients. But You know this I hope by now )O(

Salve for Itching and Rashes
Put 1 ounce of dried chickweed and 1 ounce of dried comfrey into 1 pint
of olive oil and follow the instructions for the "Basic Salve Recipe."
This salve is handy to have for treating diaper rash or for the itching
caused by poison oak or poison ivy.

Pain Reliever Salve
Mix together 1 ounce of chickweed (reduces inflammation and aids in
healing), 1 ounce of wormwood (a great pain reliever), and 1 ounce of
yarrow (an anti-bacterial agent that also helps to relieve pain). Add
the mixed herbs to 2 pints of olive oil and simmer 3 hours. Strain and
add 3 ounces of beeswax and 1 teaspoon of tincture of Benzoin. Test for
consistency before pouring into wide mouth containers.

Aloe Vera Salve
Pour 1 cup of boiling water over 1 teaspoon of pekoe tea and 1
tablespoon of irish moss. Allow to sit until cool. Add 3 tablespoons of
aloe gel. Mix well and store in labeled jar. This salve can be used to
heal burns, including sunburns.

Chickweed Salve
Add about 1 pound of chickweed to 1 pint of olive oil. Heat for 3 hours
in an oven set at 150 degrees. Strain and add 1 and a half ounces of
melted beeswax to the mixture. Stir mixture while it is cooling, as it
will thicken. Place in a wide mouth jar and label. Great for healing
cuts, burns, and abrasions.

Balm of Gilead Salve
Place 1 ounce of the buds in 1 pint of hot olive oil and allow to
simmer, covered, 3 hours. Strain and add 1 and a half ounces of beeswax
and a half teaspoon of tincture of Benzoin to the strained mixture. Test
for consistency and place in sterile jar. This is a good salve to use on
burns, scratches, and swelling injuries.


Base ingredients:

Beeswax or other wax of choice
Oils of choice

The consistency of the balm is determined by the amount of beeswax

Other ingredients that may be added:
Essential Oils
Flavor Oils
Cocoa Butter

Melt oil and beeswax together. Add other ingredients and pour into
containers to cool.
Linda Coffin

Balm Recipes

Foot Balm
First, I took my favorite lip balm recipe (I believe I found this in
the library) which consisted of: vegie oil or jojoba oil, beeswax,
honey and eo's. Since I had some of this left over (because I didn't
have my lip balm tubes yet :-) ), I did the following:
Take 1/2 tbsp premade lip balm; add: 1/2 tbsp oil of your choice (I
used Sunflower, as that's all that I had on hand); melt this in the
microwave (I did 50 sec on low then upped it to about 30 sec on high-
whichever works out to melt this back down...) I then added: 4 drops
each:Camphor, Peppermint, and Eucalyptus (I was going for scent alone
this first try) After mixing this all together, I put it in the
fridge for about 15 minutes. I then took it out (it still looked like
Lip Balm) and stirred it and left it for another 5 minutes (don't ask
why, you don't have to follow exactly what I did: this was purely an
experiment)...THEN (here's the good part)... I got myself some really
hot water and soaked a hand towel for a few minutes. During that time
I smoothered about one-half of my concoction on my poor dry feet then
put the hot towel over them....AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH! I did this a few
times with the hot towel (set the timer for about 10-15 minutes, but
the water cools down fast)then took my dry towel and wiped my feet
off. Put my socks on when I was finished and went to bed. The next
day, my feet were smooth!!! That was about 3-4 days ago I did this,
and despite several showers and not repeating this process yet, my
feet are just as smooth (and I have very dry heals)...Have fun!

Tiger Balm Substitute by Gaylin Walli

A very well researched recipe. This makes interesting and informative
reading even if you don't want to make Tiger Balm.

Callous Balm

Fills a 4oz container.

50 ml olive oil (not pomace)
25 ml avocado oil
12.5 ml jojoba oil
2.5 ml vitamin e oil
5 ml emu oil
1/4 oz beeswax (can use more if you want more than a gel like
4 drops lavender eo
4 drops rosemary eo

Heat oils, melt beeswax into them, let cool just a little bit before
adding Eo's. eo's will be useless if you add them when it's too hot.
But you won't be able to pour it if you add them after it's started
to harden.

It *is* oily. No ifs ands or buts about it. But it's the oils that
moisturize. It's best used when going to bed, applied semi liberally.
But applied in minute amounts, it will soak in completely after about
5 min or so.

Hand Balm
1 oz. beeswax
1.5 oz cocoa butter
1 oz. shea butter
1 oz. emu oil
1 oz. jojoba oil
1 oz. sweet almond oil
small amount safflower, light olive or other clear light oil if
needed to give consistency YOU like
Vit. E
Lavender EO
Peppermint EO
Tea Tree EO
Rosemary EO (go easy on this one.)

Take a pint glass canning jar and put it in a pan of water, heating
gently. Melt the beeswax in the jar. Add the cocoa butter; melt. Add
the shea butter; melt. Add oils, swirl; allow to remelt. Remove from
heat; add EOs; pour into clean, dry containers; seal. I like baby
food jars (when I can get them) or the tiny jars that condiments come
in when you order room service in a hotel. (A friend of mine is in
the hotel business, and they save jars for me sometimes.) Glass is
preferable IMO, even though it may break if dropped, because I KNOW
it won't react with any EO.

If I don't have shea butter, I don't worry about it; I cut down on
the liquid oils. If I'm out of one of the liquid oils, I use more of
something else. The basic requirements are: beeswax for solidity,
cocoa butter for skin softening & nourishment, and oils for
softening, waterproofing, nourishment, and to make it "spreadable."

Emu oil in particular is good for arthritis & similar complaints, I'm
told. I like it. Shea butter is excellent for waterproofing--I try to
use it especially when I make a baby cream, for baby bottoms or
chins, as both spots are frequently damp & have a tendency to rashes.
And no EOs except lavender or a little tea tree for a baby, per last
week's discussion.

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